Smells of War is Nearing Completion!

I totally dropped the ball writing blog posts and keeping up with the book club. Hopefully the news I have for you today makes up for my disappearance. If you’ve been following me, you’ve probably heard me talking about my epic fantasy trilogy that has a magic system based on smells. The first of these books is called Smells of War (SoW). I began writing it in January 2017. I finished the first draft in one year and have done several drafts since then. I am currently finishing up my 4th draft this month which brings me to my exciting news! I’m looking for beta readers!

Some of you already know that you want to read SoW because you’ve been waiting sooooo long for it! But for those who aren’t sure, let me tell you more about it:

Smells of War by J. L. Guyer (p. 1)

What are you smelling right now?  A steaming cup of coffee?  If you lived in The Fragrant Lands,  you would be able to see memories and gain knowledge from others just by being around them.  Or maybe you’re eating a yogurt parfait for breakfast and smell those fresh berries on top.  You might be able to heal those aching shoulders, if you were in Smells of War.

And for those of you like me (at the moment) who can’t smell anything, that gives you an advantage over the enemy, a protection. Yes, I lost my sense of smell these last few days, a symptom of COVID-19. Don’t worry. All my symptoms have been mild so far and I’m on day 7 since my first symptoms appeared. My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced more severe symptoms than I. I wish I could use FRAGRANCES to heal you and your loved ones. But since I can’t, I will pray for a quick recovery and no lasting damage.

In some ways, Smells of War is very fitting for 2020 and its aftermath. It’s a book about lamentations. What happens when you lose everything? When your life falls apart? Princess Agonya has to learn this the hard way as she embarks on a quest to find a way to save her people and protect her inheritance when one of the first things to happen to her is paralysis.

Rotten eggs, spices, and peonies permeate a world of war, magic, friendship, traitors, and heartache. A princess, a traitor, a captain, and a commander tell us their stories of triumph and failure during the Itholean War. It isn’t just war that threatens them, but their whole paradise is falling a part.

How does one get the chance to read this awesome story? I’m glad you asked. Comment below or on my Facebook page what your favorite epic fantasy is and why you want to read Smells of War. If you are chosen, I will email the book to you in four parts in Google Docs where you will be able to comment as you read along with further instructions on how to be a beta reader. Smells of War should take about 12 hours to read with a whole month at your disposal.

I will, also, have prizes for the first one to finish reading, the one with the most helpful feedback, and one person whom I will draw randomly from all the volunteers.


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